Traditional Markets under Pressure from Modern Markets: Role of Local Regulation

Retno Mawarini Sukmariningsih


One of economic potentials that should be a concern is to develope traditional market. Considering, traditional market has been constantly in connection with a broad spectrum of the people‘s interest. Because it comes into the existance of a shopping center where the process of buying and shelling is conformity cheap and affordable with the result that a number of consumers and traders from various circles have been a steadily increasing extent.
Devolepment of traditional market possibility can not be ruled out altogether, will be more and more set aside by modern market. But this propositon never occurred if there are several factors that do not advocate such as rapid growth of modern retails, minimum facilities, poor financial management and locations are not under the master plan area of the city. Therefore, there is any necessity to rearrange through law making at district level in order to push and advance traditional market.

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