Christine Diah Wahyuningsih



The word democracy is increasingly popular in various developing countries, both at the level of discourse and the level of the social and political movements. As a political system, democracy has topped many countries because it is considered capable of regulating and resolving social and political relations, both involving interests between individuals in society, relations between communities, society and countries and between countries in the world. The collapse of communism in 1989 became an important momentum for democracy as a political system to spread its influence throughout the world. As a concept, democracy has a broad meaning with its own complexity. This paper tries to explain the variance of democracy, especially the debate between liberal democracies and social democracy. Besides that, he also tried to explain the practice of democracy in Indonesia after the 1998 reform era and showed the problems faced by this country in creating a democratic society. Finally this paper wants to explain that democratization in Indonesia is still in process and there are still many things that need to be addressed.


Keywords: democratization, liberals, social, acceleration, Indonesia

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