Perkembangan Demokratisasi dalam Sistem Politik Demokrasi di Indonesia

Pratiwi Tedjo


Indonesian political life concerns all those varieties of activity that influence significantly the kind of authoritative policy adapted for a society and the way it is put into practice. We are said to be participating in political life when our activity relates in some way to the making and excution of policy for a society. The state is a society which is integrated by possesing a coercive authority legally supreme over any indiviual or group which is part of the society.

A society is a group of human beings living together and working together for the satisfaction of their mutual wants. Such a society is a state when the way of live to which both individuals and associations must confirm is defined by a coercive authority binding upon them all. A democratic political system is one in which public policies are made on a majority basis, by representative subject to effective popular control at periodic election which are conducted on the principle of political aquality and under conditions of political freedom.

A form of government where the citizens exercise the same right (the right to make political decision) but through representatives chosen by them and responsible to them through the process of free elections.

Indonesian political democracy it means political power of the state is equality shared by the citizens. Citizens have the real power to legislate, which perform by delegating this function to their elected representative.

Democracy is a form of governmental in which the common people hold political power and can rule either directly or through elected representatives. An example of democracy at work is in the government by the people especially rule of the majority but democracy consolidation is the process by which a new democracy matures, in a way that means it is unlikely to revert to authoritarianism without an external shock.

Democratization is the transition to a more democratic political changes moving in a democratic direction and one of the most important concept and trends in modern political science one whose significance is just beginning.

By political participation we mean activity by private citizen designed to influence government decision making participation may be individual or collective organized or spontaneous, sustained or sporadic, peaceful or violent, legal or illegal, effective or ineffective. A political party is the articulate organization of society’s active political agents, those who are concerned with the control of governmenal polity power and who compete for popular support with other group or groups holding divergent views.


Keywords : Democratization, democracy polity and system democracy.

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