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The Semarang City Government has regional innovations that can be examples of good practice in the framework of integrated poverty reduction implemented between regional apparatuses in collaboration with the business community and community participation. Innovation programs include two approaches, namely: (1) reducing the burden of living costs of the poor and (2) programs that directly target poverty.

Implementation of poverty alleviation programs with a legal umbrella, namely: Regional Regulation Number 12 of 2016 concerning Poverty Reduction and (2) Regional Regulation Number 11 of 2017 concerning Changes in Semarang City's RPJMD in 2016 - 2021 which illustrates the alignments of the development of the City of Semarang for the poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups (marginal) through the following efforts:

  1. Reducing the burden of living costs so that the poor can meet the needs of living with their families, including non-cash food assistance, scholarship, BRT transportation, health services with BPJS, UHC and great ambulances in the city of Semarang;
  2. Poor families or vulnerable groups can meet the needs of decent living and have access to basic services and increase access to clean water, prevent open defecation, handling green open space and increase city parks as family recreation facilities;
  3. Expanding access to the poor / vulnerable groups in public services including health services, education, skills training, smart homes, thematic village development.
The implementation of innovation programs in the context of poverty alleviation is increasingly being improved by involving stakeholders from the business community (through the Corporate Social Responsibility / CSR Program), universities through Thematic Community Service Program and Community Service and Research, Non-Governmental Organizations and Public Participation both from ulama circles (through Basis, peer scholarships, foster children and others) improve education, health and pioneering micro / small businesses

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