Inovasi Dan Orientasi Baru Otonomi Daerah

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      Environmental change demands enormous and fundamental changes to the way of life in the various organizational structures, the nature of management driven by rapid changes in social, economic and political conditions and the development of technology. The purpose of local innovation to improve the performance of Regional Government in order to accelerate the realization of community welfare through the improvement of Public Service, empowerment and community participation and enhancement of regional competitiveness. Therefore innovation and new regional orientation include innovation of governance of Regional Government; Public Service innovation; and / or other Regional Innovations in accordance with Governmental Affairs which are the authority of the Region.

       Moderate social changes that will occur will affect the state and life of the organization, so that an organization must meet several demands to be able to live under any circumstances. Kurt Lewin, Plenert (1999), innovation and change developed, essentially include: focusing on the focus or vision for change efforts; developing vision-focused change strategies; strengthening each strategy area around the vision; identifies the characteristics, abilities and qualities that a world-class managers must possess, to drive innovation, including the specific change tools available to managers

Keywords: Innovation, Environmental / Social Change. Regional Autonomy, Focus of Change

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Innovation, Environmental / Social Change. Regional Autonomy, Focus of Change

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