Menggagas Pengelolaan Pengurangan Resiko Bencana Transportasi Jalan Raya Di Daerah Sebagai Perda

Alexius Sunaryo


If all roads as well as infrastructure, volume, and capacity of the road load are well managed, then the path existency: in terms of view or angle, durability and function will be longer, at least will survive and function according to standard and specification that has been fixed-targeted, and there will be no bottlenecks that create new problems ..

It must be admitted that Kuala Lumpur 11 years ago has been thinking and making serious efforts to manage not to make the road problem a disaster, with some form of arrangement by the local authorities, so that the road function becomes more smooth and there is no meaningful congestion.

Based on experience, and short-sighted observations a few years ago, there were some inspiring ideas. the need for some form of arrangement that supports the use and management of roads in order to improve and smoothly, among others, are: the need for restrictions: (1) the amount of transportation on the highway; (2) parking bans on roads / roads; (3) additional completeness of road signs; (4) means of shelter; including supporting / supporting facilities / infrastructures. among others: (1) the availability of space / place / area of a strategic parker and menyahi; (2) the requirement of garage ownership for the purchase of motorcycles / cars and new means of transportation that will not cause the danger of congestion on the road.

Restrictions as part of the management of the highway will be more effective if the government, especially the local government, creates through local regulations, as it becomes the government's therapeutic. To imitate the good for the good of the people of the nation and the State is neither guilty nor sinful. Hopefully.

Keywords: Roads, Disasters, Transportation Equipment, Local Regulations.

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Roads, Disasters, Transportation Equipment, Local Regulations.

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