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Every generation has its own history. The birth of the millennials (Y) and Gen Z
generations is a natural process for the progress of the nation which not only
becomes the domination of Indonesia but also the whole world. Gen Z, has a
different way in personal and national life. The way of loving their country cannot
be compared to the previous generation’s pattern. The generation of babby
boomers, or the older generation has a heroic time about the struggle for
independence and defending independence. Millennials and Gen Z have a heroic
period where they can conquer the world with fast information technology, be in a
plurality of countries, tolerance, entrepeneurship, universal social values and the
dominant decision making in the family. Some of them are hedonists, but the
lifestyle they adopted is prenetrained with broad insight, institutionalized in a
creative and innovative life.

Kata Kunci

national insight, Gen Z generation, gap between generations

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