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Nationalism, ideology based on the premise that the individual’s loyalty and
devotion to the nation state surpass other individual or group interest nationalism
is a modern movement. A consciousness of the part of individuals or groups of
membership in a nation, whether one’s or another. A state of mind, permeating the
large majority of people and climing to permeate all its members, it recognizes the
nation state as the ideal form of political organization and the nationality as the
source of all creative cultural energy and economic will being.
Nationalism is a political, social, and economic system characterized by the
promotion of the interest of particular nation, especially with the aim of gaining
and maintaining sovereignty (self governance). The supreme loyalty of man is
therefore do to this nationality, as his own life is supposedly rooted in and made
possible by its welfare.
The policy or doctrine of asserting the interest of one’s own nation viewed as
separate from the interest of all nation and idiom or trait peculiar to a nation, a
movement, as in the arts, based upon the folk idioms, history, aspirations of a
nation. Nationalism is a strong attachment to a particular country or nation. It is
also called patriotism many historians consider nationalism to be one of the most
important forces in shaping modern history. Nationalism can have a positive
influence by giving people a sense of belonging to a national community.
Integral nationalism, this stage of nationalism centers the nation and its state in the
life of all citizens. Instead of a state being committed to supplying public goods to
citizens, this form of nationalism emphasizes individuals sacrifice for the benefit of
the nation and its government.
Nationalism is a simple and relativist political ideology that holds tremendous way
with millions of voters and many government. Nationalism’s adaptability to most
local conditions allows it to thrive, especially when supported by a government
intent on expanding its own power, domestically and internationally. It’s and
attractive ideology for political leaders, as it provides a ready made and widely
believed justification for increased political power in order to make the nation.

Indonesia’s leader want to wean the country off commodities and push investment
in value added manufacturing and services to emulate the success of countries. The
argument that Indonesia needs to focus on overhauling education and
infrastructure to lift the country’s productivity and help boost its economy.
Its vision of the inevitable transformation of the nation state system by global
processes that the nation state was entering a period of crisis. The argue that
nationalism would only intensity as states the growing challenge of globalization.


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nationalism, nation state, globalization.

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