Limitasi Demokrasi Bagi Perempuan

Indra Kertati


The strugglevv to be atone level of participation in practical politicsis a barrier for women. Althought he affirmation with the 30% quota policy continues to berolledout, it has not yetplacedthepositionofwomen in parliamentreaching a quota. In a democratic perspective whichis a forum for interaction between the people and`the government, women have the limitation to participate. Limitationis not only in the political sphere, but from the domestic area. Democratic reform movement shave not placed women at anequal level. Strategic steps to deconstruct the concept of friendly democracy must be done immediately. Deconstruction can be done in family, political and social parties. Deconstruction frees women to participate in the life of the state and society. Women must fight for themselves in a more egalitarian democratic space.

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